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The college has four storied well-equipped hostel building within college campus. Hostel accommodation is available depending on the vacancy of seat. The hostel and mess of the hostel is run by a hostel committee consisting of Superintendent, staff member and students.


  • Admission to Hostel would be made on application, subject to the approval of the Principal.

  • Hostel Superintendent may not enter a student's name in the roll of the hostel or allot him a seat, until he produces the cashier's receipt for the first installation of fees.

  • Every student on first joining must provide himself with bedding and mosquito net. Except with the special permission from the Principal, no furniture should be brought into the hostel from outside.

  • A monitor will be elected from the final year students who will act as coordinator between the hostel Superintendents and students.

  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited inside the hostel.

  • Outsiders, including ex-students are not permitted to stay in the hostel overnight without proper permission from hostel Superintendent.

  • Any act of intimidation or violence, willing damage to property and drunken or riotous behaviour constitutes an offence.

  • Use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverage and gambling are strictly prohibited.

  • 100 exiting sets for boys are available and 100 more sets are under construction.

  • Girls’ Hostel Is under planning. Proposal for construction of girls’ hostel is under consideration with the government.



  • Rs. 80/- payable to cover seat rent, electricity charges per month.

  • Mess Caution Money - Rs. 300/- on first joining the mess, refundable when the student finally leaves the hostel and after deduction of outstanding dues. This Caution money if not claimed within 3 years of leaving the College, shall be appropriated to Reserve fund of the hostel.

  • Monthly Mess Charge - Rs. 800/- per month (subject to change). Charges of two months payable at the time of admission.

All the above fees, except caution money, are not refunded in any way.

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